Probulk was established in 2002 by a team of dedicated shipping professionals with an outstanding track record. (Click here)

Our team of brokers and operation experts have a combined experience in excess of one hundred years, having previously worked in various trading houses, ship owning and operating companies.

We work closely with major global industrial groups and commodity traders dealing with cementitious products, solid fuels, steel products, minerals, agricultural products and fertilizers to name a few.

Our experience especially in handling cementitious products has given us probably the largest portfolio of clients in the industry of manufacturing and trading such commodities across the globe.

In addition to the usual chartering/fixing activities, some of our clients outsource their freight/shipping needs through Probulk whereby Probulk becomes their external freight arm, tapping into our expertise to provide freight estimates, freight consultancy, market information as well as forward freight projection services, etc.

As and when required, our team also provides complete post-fixture services such as lay time and claim settlements as well as time charter management of our clients' vessels.

Probulk is there to provide you with a complete solution to your shipping needs.

Long term ultimate client satisfaction is our top priority.

Our team is available around the clock regardless where you are in the world.

For any further details and to discuss as to how we can work together please feel free to contact us.

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